Monday, May 7, 2012

Child Comic Prodigy

Hey guys. You are in for a real special treat today, as I have something really amazing to share. 

I don't mean to brag or anything, but I was basically a childhood prodigy when it came to art and writing. My teachers always put my stuff on the wall in the hallways. Well, usually. And ok, so maybe I only got a "check" mark on my cactus coloring page in the desert unit in 3rd grade when that smarmy Isabel girl who everyone loved got an O (for outstanding) but still. I was pretty talented.  

I had been writing short stories (mostly about horses) for years when I started developing my first comic. It was based off one of my long standing OCs (that means original character for the less artistically inclined of you who are reading), which was a horse that I drew everywhere. I named her Daisy and I tossed in some horse friends for her to converse with in their little horse universe. In the original series the characters were all teenage horses. This allowed me to steal plot lines from Disney television shows such as Kim Possible and The Proud Family and reiterate them scene for scene and word by word, but with teenage horses. It was gonna be big.

This was WAY before My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, mind you. I was ages ahead of my time, really.

 I know what you are thinking. I AM brilliant, aren't I?

What I wouldn't give to be able to find those lost pages of possibly the most amazing comic ever, but alas, they are lost to time (my parents probably threw them out when we moved, because trust me, I've looked). In any case, at one point I decided to widen my demographic market and turn all the horses into baby/toddler age. Instead of interacting in a high school setting, they were in kindergarten and had their own cubbies. Except they all said and did the exact same thing the high school horses did, because I still wanted them to be hip and edgy. It also meant I could still steal plot lines from episodes of popular Disney channel shows. The name of the comic was "Baby Blurb," which has no real meaning except that I stole the title "Baby Blues," and then changed it a little bit, even though the comics have really nothing in common. 

Today I present to you what remnants of the comic I discovered in my basement. Try not to be blown away. You can obviously see that I was born to be an artist, and a character designer in particular. 

Model/Expression Sheet

Look at those riveting character designs! Each one so unique. I like the differences between Matt (the bully) and Claire (a normal horse), it really speaks to their character. I really knew their personalities well, too. "Popular," and "Normal," ... they were all clearly very complex horses. And the dynamic movements! Look at Daisy covering her face with "embarresment," --such comprehensive anatomy! You could pretty much put this in a book called "Character Design 101."

Here are also some test panels/sketches I drew out 

I really have to say, I was quite insightful and precise with my dialogue. Just think about it.

Josh: I have a game
Courtney: I will be there, unlike the other girls.

What subtext.
Or perhaps if that isn't riveting enough, try these:

Daisy/Courtney: hihihihihihihihihi

Courtney: This is talking

Matt/Claire?: Yo dude wassup?

And the backgrounds...don't ask me about what all those numbers are! Probably a reference to classical literature. I would do something like that at 9 years old.
Don't forget about the random seahorse drawings that I threw in the mix (yes, those are seahorses). They never appeared in the comic, unfortunately, but I think they also demonstrate my talent as well.

So what do you think? I have considered rebooting this series before, but I worry MLP is monopolizing the pony/horse market right now. I dunno though...there is just so much good stuff here, I think I really have something. I think it could be really successful, especially if I convince people on the internet that I am still 9 years old. Then they will really be amazed.

I hope you feel glad to have had this insight into my artistic talent. It is very exclusive content, mind you, so careful not to spread it around too much. When this series gets big though, you will know you heard about it first!

Also, my handwriting still looks like that. I guess I was a born calligrapher as well.

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