Sunday, October 13, 2013

Deep Thoughts by Meri

I went on a snazzy trip this weekend and was all busy. Too busy to write a witty blog entry for you. So instead I pulled out this half-baked draft I began awhile ago. It's pretty rough, but I think there is some good stuff here. It was just some really deep, intellectual thoughts I was having during one of my drives between Denver and Boulder on 3 hours of sleep. Plus it's a really great insight to my creative process. Who knows? Maybe this will become a recurring series for all the weeks I get too lazy busy for real blogs. 

Ok. Here it is. 


What if we all had hands????

Oh wait we do.


Well. The lucky ones.

Never mind then.

The best drawing I ever did of hands. I bet you can't even tell I did it on my laptop's track pad 

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